Popular Movie “Sister Act” Transfers With Great Enthusiasm To Stage At Midtown Arts Center

Marissa Rudd Is Sensational As Deloris, Becoming A Nun Against Her Will.

Reviewed by Tom Jones
April 8, 2017

Shakespeare’s Hamlet (the famous Dane) warned his love, Ophelia, to “get thee to a nunnery” to ward off his advances. In “Sister Act” a wanna-be nightclub performer is whisked off to a convent for her own protection after she sees her gangster boyfriend shoot a man.

Marissa Rudd is a wow as the talented singer, Deloris, whose boss boyfriend claims she is not yet ready for the big time. In disgust, she leaves the club, being in the wrong place at the wrong time to witness a murder.

Photography Credit: Dyann Diercks Photography

With the gangster and his mob-of-three on the trail, police hide Deloris in a local convent. The Mother Superior wants nothing to do with the idea, but is advised she must assist. Deloris’ background included several years in a parochial, followed by some street-smart adventures. She is no happier pretending to be a nun than the Mother Superior is in hiding her. The nuns in the convent are confused by the sudden arrival who doesn’t appear to truly be one of the sisterhood.

And the fun begins. Kurt Terrio has produced and directed this slice of spice, assisted by Charity Ruth Haskins’s choreography and Paul Falk’s musical direction. The assembled cast of nuns, crooks, policeman and everyday citizens trying to get along in Philadelphia provides enormous entertainment.

Photography Credit: Dyann Diercks Photography

Marissa Rudd’s talent appears to be endless. She was impressive in “Merry and Bright” and “The Fantasticks,” but truly shines as a singer, dancer, and actress in “Sister Act.” Mother Superior puts her in charge of the convent chorus. The realization that the group can’t carry a tune becomes a challenge to the night club performer. She whips them into a frenzy of singing and dancing – much to the horror of Mother Superior, and to the absolute delight of Monsignor O’Hara.

Amy Madden Copp is excellent as Mother Superior, as are Aundrey Ligon, as the gangster boss, Sarah Lewis and a postulant (Sister Mary Robert), Rakeem Lawrence as policeman Eddie, Jalyn Courtenay Webb as Sister Mary Patrick, and Daniel Harkins as Monsignor O’Hara. The mob-of-three, Seth Hunter, Manuel Sandridge, and Scotty Shaffer have great goofy moments to shine. Stephanie Ann Courtney, Stephanie Garcia, Allison Hatch, Jon Tyler Heath, Lee Ann Scherlong, Madee Seagle, Maggie Tisdale, and Alexis Webb complete the excellent cast taking on a variety of roles.

Photography Credit: Dyann Diercks Photography

The stage musical is based on the 1992 film comedy, opening in London in 2009, on Broadway in 2011. It has subsequently been translated into seven foreign languages and has been seen by more than six million people worldwide. With music by Alan Menken and lyrics by Glen Slater, several songs have found popular support, including “Take Me to Heaven,” “Raise Your Voice,” “It’s Good to Be a Nun,” and the title “Sister Act.”

Enthusiasm rules the show. The enthusiastic cast brought the enthusiastic audience to their feet at show’s end.

“Sister Act”
Where: Midtown Arts Center
3750  South Mason Street
Fort Collins, CO 80525
To: May 27, 2017
Information: Box Office 970/225-2555
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