“The Snow Queen” has magical scenery, costumes, makeup and masks.

snow-logoBas Bleu presents new version of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen

Reviewed by Tom Jones, November 21, 2016

Lilly Bolduc is a (very) tall and impressively evil Snow Queen. She has powers to bring persons under her spell by enticing them to leave with her, freezing their hearts bit by bit. She is about to succeed in freezing the heart of another, when young Gerda comes on the scene, and does everything she can to protect her friend, Kai.

“The Snow Queen” as presented on the stage of Bas Bleu Theatre is a Ron Nicol’s new adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tale. Andersen’s original story was his longest, and perhaps most complicated. The revised version is much more child-friendly than the original, and boasts some of the most delightful scenery, costumes, wigs, and masks seen locally. The recent Disney hit “Frozen” is loosely based on the Andersen story.

Photos courtesy of Steve Finnestead
Photos courtesy of Steve Finnestead

Lowrey Moyer has directed the local production, with the cast encouraging the children in the audience to help tell the story. It all begins when two incredible-looking trolls emerge from their snow-bound home to play outside. They are followed by two young friends, Gerda and Kai, until Kai is bewitched by the Snow Queen who glides into the scene, enticing Kai to go with her to her ice-bound home.

Kryssi Jeaux Miller is delightful as the young Gerda. She is also one of only two in the show playing just one role. Everyone else (except for Malini Bartels as the Wild Crow) is double cast, and it is sometimes difficult to keep track of what roles they are playing. The children in the audience, however, appeared to have no difficulty in following the story – only 90 minutes, with no intermission.

Gerda’s quest is to find the missing Kai. She is aided along the way by the Wild Crow, a wondrous reindeer (played by Sesugh Solomon Tor-Agbidye), a helpful enchantress, Laplanders, and others just willing to be of assistance.

Photos courtesy of Steve Finnestead
Photos courtesy of Steve Finnestead

The costume crew has obviously been working overtime dressing the Princess, the Prince, soldiers, various trolls, as well as the locals looking for Kai. Kryssi Miller is credited for the makeup. The Poudre High School Costume Shop is given special recognition for their work on the show. The set is very special – depicting winter at its most frigid – charming and evil! There are snowflakes hanging overhead above the stage and audience. Scenery design and puppet design is credited to Zhanna Gurvich. Costumes and masks are designed by Kari Armstrong.

The Snow Queen” provides a warm welcome to the Holiday Season, with the warning to beware of a very tall and very enchanting ice queen dressed in sparkling white.

“The Snow Queen” by Ron Nicol
When: Through December 23, 2016
Where: Bas Bleu Theatre,
401 Pine Street, Fort Collins, CO 80524-2433
For Tickets: 970/498-8949
Website:  www.basbleu.org